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Window and Wall Clings & Decals
Window and Wall Clings & Decals

Window Clings

Window clings are great for the inside of your car window when displaying your business logo or your favorite sports team.  They can also be used for store fronts diplaying your business logo or a promotion you may have going on.  Turn your business window into your own custom billboard or decorate for the holidays.  They can easily be removed and repostioned countless times and they leave no residue.

This photo of a window cling was taken from our store front.  Our windows use a "low E" glass that is tinted to reflect uv rays, causing the glare and reflections seen.

Wall Clings  

Wall clings can be used in a number of ways.  For businesses, they can be used for advertising, posting important messages - such as EXIT or a change in policy, recognizing an employee or to dress up a bare wall.  For parents they can be used to display your child in action type photo - like the pros that are advertised on tv.  They can also be used as a poster.  They are removable and repostionable up to three years.


Our decals can be used on the outside of a window, on a bumper or other clean surface.  The decals apply easily and stick well.  They can sometimes be repostioned.  If they need to be more permanent, they can be heated to create a stronger bond and more difficult to remove.

Pricing for these types of products depend on the size, the amount of ink used, and the amount of design involved.

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